Playstation 2 (PS2)

This is where it all started! A dating game on the Playstation 2 Console. It comes in a nice box, stationary notes and of course the game itself. The game is a Japan release only and is not available in our local stores. You may buy from YesAsia and Amazon Japan, however a warning, Japanese games does not play on US PS2s without modification.
Music / Drama CDs

This is a soundtrack with game music, including "Renka", the BRS theme song (as featured in the preview on the first page of this site!). Retail for this is around 2800-2900JPY and was released on 1/26/2005.
Available at Amazon Japan
CD Japan:
Note - CD Japan's Japanese-language site, Neowing, features track previews
Yes Asia

Drama CD 1, simply titled, "Bakumatsu Renka
The story centers on an attack at a warehouse, and features the main cast. Retail around 3000 JPY, released 02/23/2005.
Available at Amazon Japan
CD Japan
Neowing's site, with track previews
Yes Asia

Drama CD2, "Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi - Mibu Ookami Teiu Hana"
I've not yet found any information about the storyline, but it again has the main cast, including a new song sung by Yamanami's seiyuu. Retails for around 3000 JPY, released on 07/06/2005.
Available at Amazon Japan
CD Japan
Neowing's site with track previews

Live-Action DVD

DVD "Shinsengumi Renka no Utaba (Party)"
Release of a BRS event that happened in Japan over two days (!!) in July 2005. Apparantly features the seiyuu talking about the series and perhaps doing some sort of performance.
Animate sells the DVD, for "young girls who could not go... the ardor of the meeting place will be felt!" I'm not sure if they ship overseas, but here's the link


This one above isn't really a CD-ROM but it's a Calendar encased in a CD-ROM packaging.

This is a special CD-ROM released and contains extras in the game like wallpapers and other graphics by Toko.


Art and story by Kuroyurihime, published by Ohzora, originally running in "Magic". Released 07/25/2005, 838 JPY, ISBN 4-7767-1660-7. For more information on the manga, please visit our forums! ^_^
Available at Amazon Japan
Also, if you have a local Japanese bookstore in your area as Safety does, you can -probably- order with the ISBN number, it cost me about $15 but prices may vary.

Anthology of short stories, some art, covering early Shinsengumi history. Released October 2005, 1365 JPY, ISBN 489637214X
Available at Amazon Japan

Anthology of short stories, some art, covering later Shinsengumi history. Released October 2005, 1365 JPY, ISBN 4896372158
Available at Amazon Japan

Published by B's-Log. Seems to be all manga unlike the last two released on October. Released December 26, 2005, 924JPY, ISBN 4-7577-2476-4
Available at Amazon Japan
Doujinshi Anthology

"Shinsengumi Renka Nisshi (Diary)"
Released June 2005, 998JPY, ISBN 489637200X
Available from Amazon Japan

Anthology 2, "Shinsengumi Renka Nisshi (Diary) 2"
Released November 2005, 998JPY, ISBN 4896372255
Available from Amazon Japan
Artbook / Event Pamphlet

Artbook, "Official Visual Fanbook"
Featuring art, staff and seiyuu interviews. Released March 4, 2005, 127 pages, 2520JPY, ISBN 4757721730
Available at Amazon Japan

Available only at the July event, this is the event pamphlet.


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