Aoiya's Invaders

Aoiya's Invaders
Source: TV
Layers: 3
No sketches available
Cel Number: A1E-Tome
Key Cel
End Cel
Book Cel
Original Matching Background

I consider myself lucky to have gotten this cel. I've been eyeing for quite some time and it's probably now my second most valuable non-saitou cel. LOL. But all that aside, I got this cel mostly because I -really- wanted to have all of the Juppongatana members in one form or another. The characters in this cel from left to right are Iwanbo, Saizuchi, Fuji, Kamatari and Henya are all rather rare. In fact this is the only cel of Iwanbo and Henya that I've ever seen. This cel basically is composed of the group that came to fight the people at the Aoiya while the rest of the Juppongatana fought Kenshin and company in Mt. Hiei. Others don't really care if a certain character/cel is rare but when you're trying to round up your collection, it starts to matter. Since the cel came up for sale at a rather odd time, I went through long discussions with a collector friend in deciding whether or not to purchase this cel. Oh don't get me wrong, I -love- this cel. It was just a bit heavy on the wallet and I've been saving up for another cel I had been planning to buy in the last few months. The pictures of this cel on sale at the RS shop wasn't very good either since it was taken via a camera phone so a lot of the details were lost, which made the decision a bit harder than it should've been. But the moment I received the package and saw the cel, it was really breath taking. I checked the episode too and the effects are awesome. There is a foreground and then another layer of fire on top of it. The camera did a vertical pan from top to bottom dragging the fire layer until it showed all five members behind another fiery background. It's quite interesting and none of the layers are stuck so I'm glad for that because stuck layers typically have a lot of dust in between and is hard to clean. The cel is just really beautiful especially since I like sepia tones against orange highlights. If there was only one thing I'd change it's probably that the cel is dark and it's a pain to scan. LOL. But I'm still enamored with it, of course it also helps that I like vertical pan cels that has the matching background the most and this cel is quite unique since it's an end/tome cel. Ah sorry to be bragging, but do let me be just for now. It's like my new baby I can't help but ramble on like a proud parent. LOL.
Added: 4/19/13 From: RS Collector - Celremedy