Choudenji Machine Voltes V

超電磁マシーン ボルテスV
Running time: half hour
Number of episodes: 40
Vintage: 1977-06-04 to 1978-03-25

This show is the second of Tadao Nagahama's "Romantic Trilogy". It is the succesor of Combattler V, but unlike it, Voltes V takes on a more serious tone and actually does what other anime before it hasn't done before, that is to introduce a very complicated plot with even more complicated villains! The show hit right home with me because of filial love, team work, loyalty and the quest of the three Armstrong ("Go" in the Japanese version) brothers to find their long lost father. Each character in this anime had depth and a story which kept me glued to the TV! I have strong nostalgia associated with this series sadly cels are hard to come by especially good ones!