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02-02-2012 22:58
anyone can give me the link to Kaze hikaru chap 151 onwards?

25-01-2012 18:56
What happened to the Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban Art that was here? I can't tell if it isn't here anymore or if I'm just getting lost.... @.@

25-01-2012 18:32
HI ^^ I'm newbie

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RK is coming back to fans. What do you want to see the best?

The New Live Action Movie!
The New Live Action Movie!
29% [2 Votes]

The New Shin Kyoto Hen OVA!
The New Shin Kyoto Hen OVA!
14% [1 Vote]

The New Watsuki Reboot RK manga!
The New Watsuki Reboot RK manga!
14% [1 Vote]

Holding out for re-animation of Jinchuu!
Holding out for re-animation of Jinchuu!
43% [3 Votes]

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Started: 26.12.11

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New Kyoto-hen: Kenshin trailer released!

New Kyoto-hen: Kenshin trailer released!The first part of the new Kenshin anime project called "Rurouni Kenshin: Shin Kyoto-hen" will be released this December 17 in Japan. They have started streaming the trailer this Monday and you can watch it here.

The official website for the project also released several images containing screenshots from the trailer and character designs. The character designs are worth looking at as they are new character designs by Hagiwara Hiromitsu who worked on Saint Beast.

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for Pre-order!

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for Pre-order!Last Friday Aksys games released it's Issue# 2 of the Gentry magazine featuring Harada Sanosuke of the Shinsengumi. On their blog post they officially announced that Hakuouki (PSP) will be released on Valentines Day (Feb. 14, 2012).

Interestingly last Wednesday night Amazon started taking pre-orders for Hakuouki. Well before Aksys announcement last Friday. :) You can pre-order your copy here! And while you're waiting why not read up on Harada Sanosuke and Todou Heisuke at Aksys games?

Live Action Film Rurouni Kenshin - Opponents Casting Announced!

Live Action Film Rurouni Kenshin - Opponents Casting Announced!New cast has been announced for the Live Action movie of Rurouni Kenshin. This time we see the opponents casted from veteran actors!

Kikkawa Kouji as Udo Jine
Eguchi Yosuke as Saitou Hajime
Teruyuki Kagawa as Takeda Kanryuu

There’s a chance we might get to see an international release with Warner Brothers Pictures Japan producing the film. There is talk that they may even make a live action series! Cross your fingers! Read more for full pics of the actors and their characters.

Way of the Samurai 4: Shinsengumi DLC PS3

Way of the Samurai 4: Shinsengumi DLC PS3Ok this is old news. But I figured if I didn’t know about it up until 2 weeks ago, some of you probably haven’t either. I loved the “Way of the Samurai” games ever since I first played the first one on PS2. It’s like choose your own adventure type of gameplay only of course you get to do it Bushi-do style. Currently I’m re-playing WotS3 the past few weeks. Due to that my interest in WotS4 has been rekindled and I was looking for a US release (no luck). But Apparently WotS4 being in the timeline of the bakumatsu and dealing with opening Japan to foreigners, it was only a matter of time before they introduced real life characters into the game. They first introduced Ryoma so if you’d like to play as him, he’s DLC... But for most of us I think we’d rather play as a Shinsengumi member. In Japan it was released for free for a short time and then it was 6USD. Read more for the pics of the Shinsengumi DLC in case you were interested...

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Film Update!

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Film Update!Early this year we posted that Rurouni Kenshin was to get a live-action film in 2012. Takeru Satoh was confirmed for the role of Kenshin, Emi Takei will portray Kaoru while Keishi Otomo would be the director. The film is being produced by Warner Brothers Picture Japan with production by Studio Swan.

Animenewsnetwork has confirmed more casting roles, such as Sanosuke, Megumi and Yahiko. Yuu Aoi will play Megumi, Munetaka Aoki will play Sagara Sanosuke while Taketo Tanaka will play 11 year old Yahiko Myojin. Sasaki Hisashi, Deputy Director of Shonen Manga group has released a few photos of from the filming set. (Read more for pics)
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