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Tetsu vs Saizou - Tic Tac Toe

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Saitou Pikachu - Let's get gaming!

Welcome to our fun and games section on HNK! We know how much you love the Shinsengumi and we've decided to be a bit more interactive! We hope you enjoy the following fun games and quizzes, which are there just for entertainment only! You'll know of course which one's not to take seriously eh? Feel free to spread this around if you like them. ^__^

  • Help Tetsu outwit Saizou in our new game of Tic-Tac-Toe! Careful Souji's pet Saizou isn't your ordinary pen raised pig!

  • Saitou Hajime - Have you ever wondered which Saitou Hajime fan are you? This quiz will help you! A must for Saitou fans!

  • Shinsengumi Game Quiz - This is coming soon... *cough not yet*

  • Shinsengumi Puzzle - Spend some time and enjoy solving the image puzzles of our favorite Miburo! Choose your favorite image from ourl ist or upload your own!

  • Memory Cards of Mibu - Pick your poison and go against the clock to pair up the images of your favorite Shinsengumi-related characters. We have PMK, Kaze Hikaru and RK Saitou for now and hope to add more soonish.

  • Our forum members made a list of how to see if you've got Shinsengumi fever! Check out our Shinsengumi Otaku List!

  • Shinsengumi Love Meter - Test your compatibility with your favorite Shinsengumi! *cough* DON'T CHEAT.

  • Saitou's Mala Beads - Psychics have crystal balls... Saitou well has his prayer beads... Beware RK Saitou lurks in the background.

Now pick your poison by clicking at the left-hand navigation or the links above!

Note! If a game does not work, it is most probably the internet browser you are using. Since these were written in javascript, to guarantee 100% compatibility you must have the latest Internet Explorer installed.

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- Website tribute for all incarnations of Saitou Hajime also known as Fujita Goro in Anime, Manga, Games and History.

Shinsengumi Shrine
- A Shrine dedicated to the various members of the Shinsengumi i.e. Kondou, Hijikata, Okita and others. Various universes are tackled from Anime to basic history.

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