Saitou Hajime (Fujita Goro)

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Saitou Hajime
  • 1844-1915
  • Shinsengumi Fukuchou Jokin, Sanbantai Kumichou
  • Was the son of a Gokenin, lower ranking vassal named Yamaguchi Yuusuke in Edo.
  • While in Edo it is said that he was already in acquaintance with Kondou and others of the Shieikan dojo but apparently fled to Kyoto for killing a hatamoto (direct vassal of the shogun) in 1862.
  • Saitou also participates in the Miburoshi, joining them already in Kyoto on 1863
  • It is said to have the sword skills/ability on par with Okita and Nagakura.
  • Although he is one of the youngest officials in the Shinsengumi, he was said to be sent by Hijikata Toshizou to infiltrate the Kodaiji party, led by Itou who split from the Shinsengumi.
  • Abe Juro claims that he was not a spy and stole money from Itou and thus he could not return to them.
  •  Returns to the Shinsengumi after Itou’s assassination and the destruction of the Kodaiji party in 1867 as Yamaguchi Jirou
  • After returning to Edo and the defeat at Toba-Fushimi, he joins the Koyou Chibuntai heading for Aizu under instructions of Kondou
  • He stays with Aizu until it’s fall along with around ten Shinsengumi who decided to stay after Hijikata decided to head for Hokkaido taking the rest of Shinsengumi with him.
  • After Aizu’s surrender he was detained as a POW and was released for good behavior. Afterwards was exiled along with other Aizu soldiers to Tonami (Aomori).
  • Marries Shinoda Yaso in 1871 under the name Fujita Goro, but they will get separated for “unknown” reasons.
  • Marries Takagi Tokio and have three sons with her, Tsutomu, Tsuyoshi and Tatsuo
  • In the Meiji he is said to have joined the Keishikyoku (Metropolitan Police Dept) as early as 1872, but confirmed records say he worked as an Assistant Police Inspector in the TMPD (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department) 1876 and went up the ranks until he became Chief Inspector and retired.
  • He participated in the Southwester Rebellion in 1877.
  • Favorite sword: Sesshuujuu Ikeda Kishin Ikimaru
  • Grave is in Amitabha Temple in Nanokamachi, Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima

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